Easy to use Bulk SMS Service

Do you need to reach your friends, loved ones or customers with one single move? BulkSMSCy will help you do just that. Our website offers an easy to use form application where you can upload your numbers, type your message and click on Send.

The site is for use exclusivelly to send to Cypriot mobile numbers and not other countries. We focus our attention to the Cypriot market and gain feebacks to improve according to the market's requirements.

Features include custom sender Id, transaction history, csv phone number uploading and single sms.

Prices range from 0.9-2.0 cents of the Euro.
Its a deal that should not be missed!!!

Event organisers already use our service to promote their happenings and affiliates to send thanks to their customers.

Join Us now and get 10 free credits to try our service!

bulk sms messaging for cyprus